How-to: Install Adobe Flash Player to the Galaxy Note 3

Adobe has stopped supporting flash for mobile devices since November 2011. Fortunately you can still install Adobe Flash Player onto your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 through a process called side-loading. Side-loading does not require rooting your device or any kind of modification.

Installing Flash Player to your Galaxy Note 3

1. Go to Settings > General


2.Click Security


3. Enable the ‘Unknown sources’ option under Device Administration


4. On the browser, download the Adobe Flash Player .APK file here:


5. Once the file is done downloading, open it, and install it.


6. Flash is officially installed onto your device. Use a flash-supported browser like the default browser or FireFox when browsing flash sites. Google Chrome does not support flash.


One thought on “How-to: Install Adobe Flash Player to the Galaxy Note 3

  1. great tutorial. i like the desktop youtube better than the mobile site but i couldnt get it to work before this. thanks.

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