How-to: Install Adobe Flash Player to the Galaxy Note I, II, 3, & 4

Adobe has stopped supporting flash for mobile devices since November 2011. Fortunately you can still install Adobe Flash Player onto your Samsung Galaxy Note (all versions) through a process called side-loading. Side-loading does not require rooting your device or any kind of modification.

Installing Flash Player to your Galaxy Note I, II, 3, 4, 5

The tutorial may vary slightly depending on the Android version of the device, but generally you are trying to get to the Security settings to enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option.

1. Go to Settings > General


2.Click Security


3. Enable the ‘Unknown sources’ option under Device Administration


4. On the browser, download the Adobe Flash Player .APK file here:
Flash Player .APK


5. Once the file is done downloading, open it, and install it.


6. Flash is officially installed onto your device. Use a flash-supported browser like FireFox or Dolphin Browser when browsing flash sites. Google Chrome does not support flash.


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  1. great tutorial. i like the desktop youtube better than the mobile site but i couldnt get it to work before this. thanks.

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